Porsche Day!

2012 911 in for lowering spring install and alignment…

2005 911 came in for failed tensioner pulley. Replaced all pulleys and drive belt.

Old failed pulley as shown in photo. Plastic completely broke apart and threw drive belt off. If your Porsche 911 is close to the 100K mark it’s a good idea to have all pullies and drive belt replaced as preventive maintenance.

1981 911 in for fuel filter replacement, look over and alternator replacement due to overcharging.

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BMW E46 M3 Rear Differential Bushing Replacement

Customer brought in his E46 M3 with a nasty rear end clunk.

We found rear diff bushings completely worn out. As this is an older car it’s more than likely your E46 M3 can be suffering from the same problem.

We decided to go with ECS Tuning poly bushing kit for this repair, comes with all 3 bushings. You can also go with just replacing the factory rear cover, but repair cost will be much more, we suggest going with the poly bushing kit.

Old worn bushings…

If you’re looking to have this service done please give us a call @ 704.559.8100