Cayenne / Touareg gen 1 / Modular roof rack installation  


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28/05/2020 9:55 pm  

If you have a couple friends the rack can be preassembled on the ground and then installed complete on the roof or you can do the install one bar at a time. You can lay it all out and space the rails to prefered spacing so that when you install on the Cayenne / Touareg it takes the guesswork out.


Remove cover to expose triple square bolt holding OEM roof rails in place




Next slip the larger Carriage bolts into the OEM rails from the center of the car and slide qty 2 to the front and qty 2 bolts to the rear


Now with an extra hand install the roof rails one side at a time setting them into the 2 holes on front and rear of the rail. Install supplied locking nut and leave slightly loose.



Now install the roof rails. Install the supplied carriage bolts with the rounded side facing out and the nut on the inside of the rails. install the front fairing on the very front and tighten down.

Install all 6 rails in desired places and then go back and tighten all at the same time once done.


Now go back and tighten the 8 large roof rail nuts.


Happy Overlanding!