Eurowise Touareg / Cayenne / Q7 lift kit 40mm ( 2.5 / 2.0 / 1.5 inch )  


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16/04/2020 7:40 pm  
It is important that you remember that when installing this lift kit will require loosening all the suspension bolts to remove the front and rear struts to install the spacers. 2.5 is the limit for lifting Touareg / Cayenne / Q7 chassis. This being said if you install the lift kit on a automotive lift and tighten all the bolts with the suspension dropped you will have issues with the truck having a total lift height well over 2.5 inches causing axle wear, popping out issues. 
That you lower the truck back onto the ground with all the suspension points hand tight and then with the load of a post jack, floor jack or sitting on a 4 post lift you tighten all the suspension points LOADED.
Failure to do so can cause issues.
Reference the photo below of the suspension tightened all the way down on one wide UNLOADED
vs the suspension on the opposite site tightened LOADED
[IMG] ?width=590&height=370&fit=bounds[/IMG]
we are now offering this 2.5 lift for the 2003-2010 Touareg and Cayenne w spring suspension 
(non air ride). 

 The rear billet spacers simply bolt between the top of the shock assembly and the upper shock retainer...
Using a spring compressor or wall mounted compressor reduce spring tension and unbolt upper strut nut. 
Remove spring cushion to reveal oem studs for mounting. 
Using hammer tap out the old studs. They will no longer be needed

Install new bolts into front upper strut top. The bolts are installed from bottom up. The tension of the spring will keep enough pressure on the head of the bolt to install new nuts. 

Reinstall the spring cushion 
Install the strut cap 
Install the nut and cushioned nut washer back on.
Tighten and Torque upper strut Nut back o.  

Photo of rear strut removed and aluminum spacer installed on top. 

Installation tip. Before completely disassembling the struts. Using a paint marker. Mark position if the upper cap. Springs, rubber spring mount and lower spring seat. This will make your life easier when going back together. 
It is fine they go back together slightly off. You can rotate the shock if it need adjusting when completely assembled also. 
Now Install the front aluminum spacer over the longer bolts.  
Install the upper control arm / strut hat back onto the struts 
Install the supplied nuts. Torque and tighten the 4 13mm nuts. 
Reinstall the strut assembly back into the car. 
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One thing a lot of people miss when raising their rig are suspension pivots. So often they leave the suspension bound up because they are not understanding the range of movement in the bushings. I’ve seen several posts recently for example with the new Forge lift kit where people can’t get the rear struts back in. You need to loosen every pivot BEFORE you reinstall. I leave these pivots loose, reinstall the strut w spacer, set the car back on the ground then tighten them before lifting the truck again to properly torque them. By doing this the bushing will move closer to the middle of its range of movement and not bind.

[IMG] ?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds[/IMG]

[IMG] ?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds[/IMG]