Audi R8 A/C Compressor Replacement

Charlotte Audi R8 Service

Customer brought in his 2008 Audi R8 with a bad A/C compressor. Of course Audi didn’t want to make this repair easy as the engine needs to be removed in order to replace compressor.

Here are a few photos of what went down during this repair…

– Removed rear trunk lid to avoid any possible damage to glass when pulling engine.

– Rear bumper, exhaust, oil sump etc.. all being removed…

– Motor out!

Well some good news, the A/C receiver drier was easy to get too! Right under the fender liner.

All that was needed to avoid engine removal was about 1/2″ of space and we would of been able to pull out compressor. Due to the exhaust manifold in the way and this little notch the compressor was resting in, rotating the compressor was basically impossible.

New compressor installed!

A/C now blows ICE cold!