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Audi R8 V8 / V10 Exhaust installation

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PDF with photos attached to instructions as well. Please refer the PDF instructions for only the bumper and exhaust removal and installation. 


Audi R8 V8 Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust System
Required Tools
Commercial Lift (or Hydraulic Floor Jack &
Stands) Socket Driver or Impact Wrench
3” Socket Extension
Swiveling Socket Adaptor
10mm & 13mm Sockets
13mm Open-End Wrench
T-20, T-25, T-30 Torx Drivers/Bits
Flat-Head Screwdriver(Small)
Cross-Head Screwdriver
Snap-Ring Pliers
Small Flashlight (Optional)
• Always allow car to cool before performing any installation(s) or service(s) on it.
• Always be sure to work on an even and level surface when raising vehicle(s) with a jack, and support all raised vehicles
with locked jack stands once elevated.
• recommends that all installations be supervised or verified by a trained professional technician.
• Eurowise is not responsible for any personal injury or damage(s) sustained to a vehicle during installation
of aftermarket performance parts.
1. Raise car off of the ground and remove the rear wheels.
2. Remove (7) fasteners securing rear bumper tabs.
3. Remove license plate and (2) fasteners beneath it securing the license plate bracket.
4. Locate and remove (2) fasteners tucked up inside of the overhang where the license plate lights are located.
5. Unclip and remove license plate lights.
6. Locate and remove (2) additional fasteners located inside license plate light housings.
7. Remove upper rear body panel and unplug all wiring.
8. Remove (2) fasteners from the diffuser channel underneath both sides of the rear bumper assembly.
9. Remove rear under body inlet covers.
10. Remove (4) fasteners near the front center of the rear bumper diffuser panel.
11. Remove (4) fasteners from behind the grilles beneath each tail light.
12. Remove fasteners securing rear upper trim panel.
13. Gently pull back top of rear bumper panel and unplug wiring harness.
14. Remove antenna connector from left side of panel.
15. Remove all fasteners securing rear fender liners to the body/chassis.
16. Remove rear fender liners.
17. Remove (2) fasteners securing outer edge of heat shield to rear bumper on either side.
18. Locate and remove (2) fasteners securing the rear bumper to the upper body panel on either side.
19. Gently separate rear bumper assembly and unplug wiring harness.
20. Remove rear bumper assembly.
21. Remove fasteners securing passenger side engine bay trim panel.
22. Using a small flathead screwdriver, carefully pry the engine cover strut off of the mount.
23. Remove the reservoir cap and set aside.
24. Carefully pry back trim panel and unplug the wires for the engine bay light.
25. Remove trim panel.
26. Repeat steps 21 through 25 to remove the driver side trim panel.
27. Pry off and remove the small plastic cover at the rear of the engine.
28. Unplug mass airflow meter wires from both sides of the intakes.
29. Loosen hose clamps enough to pull intake hoses off of the fittings.
30. Remove the mounting screw from the bottom of each side of the airbox.
31. Remove airbox.
32. Remove the (2) screws from the mounting tabs of the rear heat shield.
33. Remove fasteners from the outer lower heat shields on either side of the vehicle.
34. Remove mounting screws from the bumper support.
35. Remove the flanged hex nuts securing the outer lower heat shields to the bumper support.
36. Remove flanged hex nut securing outer lower heat shield to frame/chassis and remove heat shield.
37. Remove bumper support mounting bolts.
38. Free wiring harness from bumper support.
39. Remove bumper support.
40. Unplug tail light connections.
41. Remove exterior tail light mounting screws.
42. Remove hex nuts securing interior tail light mounting posts and remove tail lights.
43. Unplug vacuum lines from muffler valves.
44. Remove the fasteners securing the vacuum line brackets and move vacuum lines out of the way.
45. Remove the fanged hex nut located up inside the top of the heat shield, above the exhaust outlets.
46. Remove lower muffler mounts.
47. Remove upper muffler mounts.
48. Remove v-band clamps from flex joints.
49. Remove fastener securing the heat shield inside of the rear wheel wells.
50. Remove muffler and heat shield assembly from the vehicle.
51. Remove retighten bolt and muffler mount. (Save for re-use)
52. Remove snap-ring and slide spring and washer off of mounting post.
53. Remove (30) fasteners securing the two halves of the heat shield.
54. Remove side sections of heat shield.
55. Remove front and back halves of heat shield.
56. Re-install factory muffler hanging bracket to the mounting tabs on the Eurowise exhuast.
57. Re-assemble factory heat shield sections around Eurowise exhaust
58. Place heat shield and x-pipe assembly back on vehicle and adjust fit.

65. Re-assemble remaining components by following steps 1 through 45 in reverse.

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