Wilwood DUAL Rear caliper brake kit installation  


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13/05/2020 2:23 pm  

Rear dual piston, dual caliper brake kit.
Thank you for your purchase of this engineered brake kit for VW Mk1-Mk2 and Mk3 platforms.
They retain the same piston diameter / area, to ensure proper and balanced bias ration front to rear.

Included in the kit are the following:
1X RH mechanical E brake Caliper
1X LH mechanical E brake caliper
2X Hydro calipers
2X Caliper brackets
1X mounting screws
1X E brake cable modification kit
1X Set of pads for Hydro calipers
1X Set of centering shims for Mechanical caliper
2X Stainless steel hose assemblies with 90 fittings
1X Loctite / Permatex blue

Optional parts are rear disc stub axles LH & RH, Brake calbles, and bearing kits.

If you are converting from a drum set up, your will need to change the stub axles to disc type.
The rear disc to be used with this set-up is P/N 6N0 615 601 ; use your local auto parts store to purchase